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Aluminum Blinds - Budget-Friendly & Durable for any Window Size

•  Custom Color-coordinated Aluminum Blind Solutions


•  Sleek, Integrated Headrails


•  Optional Inverted Slats for Maximum Light


•  Six-gauge, Durable Eight-gauge


•  Fits Unique Window Shapes & Skylights


•  Humidity Resistant


•  ½", 1" and 2" Slat Sizes in a Wide Variety of Colors


•  Affordable Solution for Privacy and Light Control

Graber Aluminum Horizontal Blinds - 2" patented SureClose™ light-locking lip. Specially designed bumper pads on bottom rail to minimize scratches.

Aluminum Blinds Feature Photo
Aluminum blind with drapes
Aluminum blind colored

Resistant to Dust, Stains, Scratches, Mold, & Mildew!

Aluminum Blinds Unique Shape

STYLES of Aluminum Blinds

Micro Lightweight Slats
Standard One Inch Slades
Grandeur 2 inch slates

Micro - ½" Lightweight Slats. Great for

Small Windows and French Doors


Standard - 1" Slats with Wide Selection of Colors for Any Size Window


Grandeur™ - 2" Slats Maximize View. Great Option for Large Windows

CONTROL OPTIONS for Aluminum Blinds - Graber

Graber Wand tilt Aluminum Blinds
Graber Cord Tilt Aluminum Blinds
Graber Ring tilt with Ring Lift Aluminum Blinds
Graber Motorized Tilt Aluminum Blinds

Wand Tilt

Slender Wand Closes Blinds; Available with Cord Lift or Cordless Lift.

Cord Tilt

Durable Cord Tilt to Close

Slats Tight; Available with

Cord Lift or Cordless Lift.


Ring Tilt with Ring Lift

Ring replaces the Tilt Wand. Rotation of the Control Pole Opens and Closes the Slats.

Motorized Tilt

Alternative to Cords. Easy Operation at the Touch of a Button; Available with Cord Lift.

Maximum Light Control for Aluminum Blinds - Graber

Hidden Holes
Cloth Tapes

Hidden Holes

Maximum Light Control & Privacy! Available on Graber Supreme 1" and Supreme Cordless Models.

Cloth Tapes

Stylish Fabric Covers Holes for Light Control & Privacy. Available on Graber Grandeur™ Aluminum Blinds with 2" Slats.


SYSTEM & OPTIONS for Aluminum Blinds - Vista

1-inch-Basic B6

1 x 1 inch headrail, 22 mm spacing, 2-slat valance.

6 gauge slat.

31 colors.

1-inch-Traditional T6/T8

1 x 1½ inch headrail, 22 mm spacing, 2-slat valance.

6 or 8 gauge slat.

T6 – 26 colors; T8 – 31 colors.


1-inch-Deluxe D8

Valance integrated headrail,

22 mm spacing.

Standard or privacy rout.

8 gauge slat.

51 colors.

Two-on-One Headrail

Independently operating blinds.

One common headrail and valance.

Perfect for large windows.

Lift & Lock Cordless

Available for all 1 inch & 2 inch aluminum blinds.

Not available with Privacy option.

Wand Tilt & Cord Lift

Wand tilt rotates slats open and closed

Lift cord raises and lowers the blind.

Control option for all 1″ minis.

2-inch-Macro M2

2 inch low profile headrail,

42 mm spacing.

Standard or privacy rout.

18 colors.

Cord Tilt & Cord Lift

Cord tilt rotates slats open and closed.

Lift cord raises and lowers the blind.

Only on 2″.

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