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Relaxing Earthy Oasis!

Natural Shades - Renewable materials like bamboo, reeds, grass and jute. Rustic materials are tightly woven to create a warm natural environment.

Graber TradeWinds® - Contact SWFLWT today to view the beauty and organic design. Environment friendly!

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Graber Tradewinds Natural Shades


Natural Shades

Natural Shade Control Type Options - Graber Tradewinds®

Graber Tradewinds Cord Lift
Graber Tradewinds Continuous Loop Lift
Graber Tradewinds Cordless Lift
Graber Tradewinds Motoried Lift

Cord Lift

Raise and lower the shade with a cord

Continuous-Loop Lift

Cord loop raises and lowers the shade; adjust large and hard-to-operate shades more easily


Cordless Lift

Raise and lower by pulling on the bottom rail for smooth, cord-free operation; certified Best for Kids™ for homes with children and pets

Motorized Lift

Control with a remote or with a home automation app; certified Best for Kids™ for homes with children and pets.

Graber Natural Shades

Improve privacy and light control with a privacy or room-darkening liner!

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