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Wood Blinds - add a characteristic warmth to your room with North American hardwood in rustic and modern paints, stains and finishes.


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Graber Wood Cordless Blind

Also Available - Vista Woven Wood Shades

Warm Natural Beauty  •  Environment Friendly  •  Lightweight & Rigid


Wood Blind Solutions - Graber

Graber Traditions Wood Blinds
Graber Elite Wood Blinds
Vista Wood Blinds

Graber Traditions® Wood Blinds -

1", 2", and 2⅜" 100% North American hardwood slats are engineered for outstanding performance and a timeless beauty.
(Knotty Pine in photo)

Graber Elite® Wood Blinds -  Hand-crafted  — 2" or 2⅜" hardwood slats. Hand finished with custom color.

Also Available - Graber Elite® Wood Vertical Blinds - for wide windows & patio doors.

Vista® Wood Blinds - Finely Grained

Basswood — durable & lightweight. Available in painted colors, stained wood & rustic distressed finishes. 2" or 2 ½" slats, crown or smooth valances.

(Distressed Oak in photo)

Motorized & Cordless lift available.

Inquire about Woven Wood shades.)

CONTROL OPTIONS for Wood Blinds - Graber

Graber Wand Tilt Wood Blinds

Wand Tilt

Slender Wand Closes Blinds; Available with Cord Lift or Cordless Lift.

Graber Cord Tilt Wood Blinds

Cord Tilt

Durable Cord Tilt to Close

Slats Tight; Available with

Cord Lift or Cordless Lift.


Graber Motorized Tilt Wood Blinds

Motorized Tilt

Alternative to Cords. Easy Operation at the Touch of a Button; Available with Cord Lift.

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Graber Valance Included Wood Blinds

MAXIMUM LIGHT CONTROL for Composite / Faux Wood  Blinds - Graber

A decorative valance is included, creating a clean look and concealing hardware and headrails.

Graber No Holes Privacy

No Holes® Privacy

For maximum privacy and light control, all the route holes on each slat are eliminated so less light slips through.

(Standard Route Holes available)

Graber Cloth Tapes

Cloth Tapes

Strips of colorful fabric cover the route holes on each slat, protecting privacy, and allowing less light to slip through.

Cloth Tapes - Decorative Options:

1 ½" - White: Solid

1 ½" - Beige: Solid

1 ½" - Black: Solid

1 ½" - Duck White: Solid

1 ½" - Golden Honey: Solid

1 ½" - Aztec Amber: Solid

1 ½" - Shadow Gray: Solid

1 ½" - Toffee: Solid

1 ½" - Cocoa: Solid

1 ½" - Chocolate: Solid

1 ½" - Navy: Solid

1 ½" - Moss: Solid

1 ½" - White Smoke: Solid

1 ½" - Taupe: Solid

1 ½" - Dark Grey: Solid

1 ½" - Light Grey: Solid

SYSTEM & OPTIONS for Wood Blinds - Vista

Vista Cord Tilt & Cord Lift for Wood Blinds
Vista Wand Tilt & Cord Lift for Wood Blinds
Vista Cordless Lift for Wood Blinds
Vista Lift & Lock Cordless for Wood Blinds

Cord Tilt & Cord Lift

Cord tilt rotates slats open and closed

Lift cord raises and lowers the blind.

Wand Tilt & Cord Lift

Wand tilt rotates slats open and closed

Lift cord raises and lowers the blind.

(Not available on 2 1/2" slats)


Cordless Lift

2 inch and 2½ inch wood blinds. Combined with wand tilt, eliminates dangling cords.


Lift & Lock Cordless

Available for 2 inch and 2½ inch. Combined with wand tilt, eliminates dangling cords. Available motorized and multiple blinds on one headrail. Not available with decorative tapes.

Book your free in home consultation today to learn more or contact us with your window dimensions for pricing information.

Decorative Tapes

1 inch and 1½ inch solid colors

1 inch and 1½ inch decorative tapes

(Decorative tapes are solid color on the back of the blind.)



Two-on-One Headrail

Independently operating blinds

One common headrail and valance.

Perfect for large windows!


Motorized Tilt

Rechargeable Battery powered motorized tilt. Standard lift cord.

Perfect for hard-to-reach windows

(Mobile APP option available)

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