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Popup Window Chrome Disabled

Wood Shutters - attractive, low maintenance, adds warmth, solid and stable!

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Craftsmanship, Environment Friendly Water-Based Paint Finishes

Graber Traditions® Wood Shutters - Wide assortment of paints, stains and options. North American Hardwoods!

STYLES of Wood Shutters

Double Hung
Bypass Track style
Cafe Style

Double Hung Style

Bypass Track Style

Cafe Style

Standard Style
French Style Door
Arch or Angle Style

Standard Style

French Door Style

Arch or Angle Style

Sunburst Arches Style

Sunburst Arches Style

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LOUVER SIZES of Wood Shutters


2½" Louver - Traditional

Designed for smaller window and café height applications


3½" Louver - Most Popular

Provides versatile visibility and light control options

Perfect for Tall Ceiling Rooms


4½" Louver - Wide panel provides great visibility

Perfect for Larger Windows & Tall Ceiling Rooms

Louver sizes

Multiple frame

options for every

window style. Traditional tilt bar mounted on front center (or on side) or back side for maximum visibility.

ShutterSill Caps

Shutter Sill Caps

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